Uncured is an up-and-coming 2D Pixelart Platformer Roguelike. Currently being developed by hobbyist dev team EndRealm, Uncured is an indie title still in early production.

Infected with a lethal zombie virus, you play as a young woman named Amber taking on a race against time as your humanity starts to succumb to corruption. Barely kept stable through unexplored medicine, you try to use your newly gained mutational powers in your favor as you fight grotesque amalgamations, a corrupt military, and determined survivors in order to find a cure for your ailment.

Upgrade and expand your hub, enhance your mutations, and rescue survivors to aid you in your chase for the antivirus.

Will you take the easy way out, compromise innocent lives in the pursuit of convenience? Or will you stay true to your humanity, keep your integrity in the face of challenge and death?

1. Do you need help with development?

We are always happy to take in new members to our dev team! Currently we are primarily looking for artists and someone for PR/Marketing, but feel free to ask us if you are interested in another role. Do note that compensation is solely based on a Revenue Sharing model.

2. When will the game be released?

Currently we're loosely aiming for mid-2025. Keep in mind that this is a distant estimate and we're a small hobby team - right now our timeline is likely to change, in which case we'll keep you up to date on our socials.

3. Which platforms will be supported?

Our primary target platform will be PC and Steamdeck. Depending on the game's success, we may expand to the Nintendo Switch post-release. While we're not ruling out other potential platforms, we don't have any plans for more right now.

4. Will Uncured release any Demo or early Playtest versions?

Yes! We've previously released playtest builds, which focus on showcasing and playtesting individual gameplay elements. Join the Discord to be notified about any upcoming playtests!

5. What will Uncured cost?

We don't have a specific price at this time, but it will not be a free-to-play title. Demos and playtest versions will be available for free.

6. Are you open to Feedback?

Yes! We love to interact with the community and discuss ideas and thoughts on our game. The best place to do so is our Discord Server, where you can directly talk to the team of Uncured (and possibly catch a sneakpeak or two if you ask nicely!) :D

7. Will Uncured be Single- or Multiplayer?

The game will be Singleplayer only. Beside already being an ambitious project as is, Uncured has been designed entirely around Singleplayer gameplay, abilities and mechanics. We know our limits and we know our goals, and we intend to create the best experience possible within that threshold.

8. How can I support Uncured?

Supporting Uncured can be done in many ways, the most significant being to wishlist it on Steam, which helps bring awareness to it! We also appreciate spreading knowledge about Uncured with your friends and communities through Discord, Reddit, and other platforms.